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Our Priorities

Safety and health above all else

Thinking and working safely is part of our culture at Plumbing and Gas Australia.

All of our employees adhere to the standard that:

  • We will not compromise safety for profit
  • We will not cut corners
  • Every employee should stop work and take corrective action if they see a safety hazard

We ensure that our workplace is as safe as possible through constant monitoring and assessment, and by implementing a framework for managing safety and health.

The goal of our framework is zero harm, with a focus on eliminating the potential for fatalities and permanent disabilities, as well as reducing the risk of any other injuries.

Safety Essentials

In 2012 we launched the Plumbing and Gas Australia Safety Essentials.

The Safety Essentials are designed to give our staff confidence that we’re identifying, eliminating and/or controlling all potential risks in our work environment.

The Safety Essentials were developed from lessons we have learned on the job, and are now part of our day-to-day working culture. Our aim is to work above the line for every activity that carries a critical risk.

Our health and safety priorities ensure we are leaders in the Toowoomba plumbing industry.