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Residential Plumbing

  1. We only charge and supply what you need, guaranteed. No more rip offs!
  2. We turn up on time, and we leave your place clean and tidy
  3. Would you trust your plumber with your keys? Our clients do.
  4. We have a guarantee on workmanship
  5. We run a 'workshop on wheels', so we don't leave the job and charge you more time
  6. No more risky and time consuming searches for the right plumber

Why use us for as your preferred plumber?

The number one problem households have with trades, is they don't know if they're being ripped off or not, because they don't understand the job. So we guarantee that we only charge and supply what you need, and our guarantee says, if you're not happy then you can call in another plumber at our cost, to verify our work.

  • What happens if I have to call you back, will you charge me extra? Absolutely not!
  • Do you turn up when you say you will, so I don't need to wait around all day? Absolutely!
  • Will you leave my house in a mess? Absolutely not!  
  • Will rip me off? Absolutely not!
  • The last plumber went off for an hour to buy something for the job, and then charged me? We have a workshop on wheels that contains 99% of everyday spare parts for the job.

Our Guarantee for every household in Toowoomba and Highfields

"For residents who are unclear about what any plumbing job entails, and whether they are being ripped- off, cheated or diddled, Plumbing and Gas Australia guarantees to only ever give you what you need, guaranteed. We explain what we do before, during and after the job and what costs are involved upfront.

If after we have completed the job, you think we have unfairly charged you then we will invite a competing plumber in to check our work, at our cost. If there is a difference, we will refund you.

No more risky and time consuming searching around for the right plumber. 

Plumbing and Gas Australia. Only what you need, guaranteed."

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