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Commercial Plumbing

  1. We are Toowoomba's true, leading commercial plumber
  2. Our experience covers all types of commercial plumbing
  3. Assuming apples for apples, we are never knowingly beaten on price
  4. We offer a guarantee that is unbeatable in the industry
  5. We are not a maintenance plumber trying to do commercial plumbing work
  6. We have an in-house estimator

Why use us for Commercial Plumbing and Government work?

In all our dealings with commercial project managers and developers, we have found that they have literally hundreds of problems to deal with, and the last thing they want is a trades firm that doesn't understand the job.  So don't just contract another problem to deal with, try plumbing and gas professionals who understand commercial plumbing.  

  • I have safety concerns; is my Plumber aware of all the OH&S obligations, do they have a Company Safety Policy? (you can read ours here)
  • Do you work quickly and get off the job so the next group can move in?
  • Will you cause project delays?
  • Will your estimate contain a guarantee?
  • Can you read commercial plans and use a laser?
  • Can you open and close different phases of the job?

If you're a Commercial Project Manager or Developer, then you should choose us.

If you are a Project Manager in a commercial building, development firm or government department, looking for a genuine specialist plumber with outstanding credentials, Plumbing and Gas Australia is the right company for you.

Perhaps you have previously engaged a firm without true commercial plumbing experience which has left you frustrated; their inability to read plans, to avoid hold ups at all costs or inexperience in working on site with other trades.

If this is your experience, then try us.

We have a top flight price guarantee, with our own in-house estimator and project management software that ensures we do the job with craftsmanship, yet still within budget and on time.

Plumbing and Gas Australia is the only plumber for all your commercial plumbing.

Our Commercial Plumbing Guarantee

"As per drawings received all plumbing, hydraulics and gas on the tender drawings, are guaranteed to be included in this tender quote. Any other works required beyond the scope of drawing no. xxxx-xxxx will be priced at the same rate as the original tender.

We are confident that in any competing tender review, where we can compare apples with apples, like with like, we will not knowingly be beaten on price."