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Our Team

Don't be alarmed at the young and fresh faces of Plumbing and Gas Australia!  Our team is made up of a mix of individuals who have worked in the Plumbing industry and Gas sector for several years, continuing to learn new things and only too willing to help teach our apprentices about the plumbing industry.

Shaun - Company Director, Qualified Plumber & Gas Fitter

Shaun started out in the plumbing and gas industry by completing a four year apprenticeship with Chris Buckley Plumbing, where he continued to work a further two years.  During this time Shaun gained valuable experience in all aspects of plumbing and gas fitting, while also studying at TAFE and travelling to Brisbane to obtain his plumbers license.  He has completed numerous courses over the years to improve his skills.  Shaun is very business minded and focused, leading him to start his own business: Plumbing and Gas Australia.  Shaun's dedication to the business has paid off as it's now thriving.

Cameron - Managing Coordinator and Estimator

Cameron has been in the plumbing and gas industry for over ten years and has a vast range of experience.  He has worked on both residential and commercial properties and dealt with all aspects of plumbing, specialising in new installations including sewer, stormwater, water and gas installations.  Cameron has also been working in estimation and project management for two and a half years.  His organisation and efficiency make him a great manager and co-ordinator.  He is a valuable member of the Plumbing and Gas team who makes each day run smoothly.

Kyle - Accounts and Marketing

From university straight to work, Kyle is the person who handles all the accounts as well as being the budding marketer.  He too is the first person you encounter whether you phone or visit us in store, where he will help direct you to the right person for your situation.  Kyle's passionate and understanding nature makes him a respectable addition to Plumbing and Gas Australia.

Luke - Qualified Plumber

Luke commenced as a first year apprentice with Plumbing and Gas Australia and we are proud to have him as part of the team. He proved himself a hard worker, eager to learn new plumbing skills and enjoys working as part of a team which made him a perfect addition to the company.

Michael - Qualified Plumber

Michael started with Plumbing and Gas Australia September 2018 and has taken over as one of the head maintenance plumbers for the business. He is very helpful and friendly which is great seen as he is the face that the majority of our clients will see from day to day. You will see him driving around Toowoomba in our 'workshop on wheels' as we call it which has the majority of the everyday gear he needs for carrying out your jobs so please say hi when you see him.

Tom - Qualified Plumber

Tom came to Plumbing & Gas Australia in his last year of his apprenticeship and has gone on to prove himself as a qualified plumber and a great addition to the team. Tom primarily works on Commercial projects through out Toowoomba and Surrounds.

Mat - Qualified Plumber

Mat started with Plumbing and Gas Australia in mid August 2018 and has been a great addition to the team having moved here from NSW. He has impeccable attention to detail and has proven easy to get along with and work with.

Teo - Mature Aged Apprentice

Teo started with Plumbing and Gas Australia in June of 2018 and has proven a great team player, willing to help others and has a funny personality which can make a dull day fun. He is eager to learn new things and goes to show you're never too old to start a trade as Teo has proven so we commend you.

Nathan - 3rd Year Apprentice

Nathan started his apprenticeship with us in mid 2016 and has already proven himself a hard worker, eager to learn and help others. He has taken a liking to Maintenance work due to his problem solving skills and we look forward to what he has to offer to Plumbing & Gas Australia.

Sam - 2nd Year Apprentice

Sam started with Plumbing & Gas Australia in September 2017 and has proven himself a hard worker, willing to learn and help others. So far Sam has shown an interest in the Commercial sector of the business so we look forward to what he has to offer!

Jackson - School Based Apprentice

Jackson first completed a weeks work experience with Plumbing & Gas Australia and having proven himself then we decided to offer him a school based position. He has gone on to prove himself a hard worker and we look forward to when we can sign him on full time.

Colin - Machine Operator

Colin's vast knowledge and experience in earthworks made him the perfect addition to our ever expanding divisions at Plumbing & Gas Australia. He is passionate and a great team member to work with, always willing to help. His experience covers all areas of residential and commercial projects. No job is too big or small!